new & developing works on the theme of WAR and SPACE (travel)

Sunday, June 16, 2013, from 3 – 10 pm

Igor Metropol Studio, Sztregova u. 1., Budapest, Hungary, 1116


from 3pm – Open Studio

from 5pm – BBQ on the rooftop

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Shandor Hassan: work in progress at Igor Metropol Studio

For the duration of three month, New York based artist Shandor Hassan, has been creating new artworks in the Igor Metropol Studio Budapest. Though the project is still in progress, the studio will be open to the public for one afternoon, allowing personal conversations and lively discussions.

Hassans investigation on the topics of war, terrorism, space travelling, and architecture is being undertaken from his perspective as a photographer. He collects historic and documentary images available on the internet as well as fictional ones from films or anywhere they might come up, and puts them into a black and white negative form. Hassan is a “virtual” black and white photographer, a kind of fictional war or documentary photographer traveling around the world – creating an organic and fictional database / archive, fusing real and fiction histories, and processing them in his personal lab.

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