LAND 3C is an artist collective coming to Budapest on a research trip for the OFF Biennale Budapest 2020, following an invitation by T+U and hosted by the Igor Metropol residency. During their stay, the collective will also present a performance FOSSIL pt. 2 at A nagy mosás. 5 éves a T+U / The Great Washing at Trafó House on 20th December 2019.

LAND 3C is a project based on a fictional story in the future: In a completely homogenized world a land between three seas – Baltic, Black, and Adriatic – was established. In these times, new cultural movements had set to explore the pre-defined geographical areas of the 21st century, opening up the archives of the so-called Central and Eastern Europe. The project creates this imagined setting to problematize the present cultural context of the aforementioned region that is undergoing intense globalization as well as nationalist thought, and dealing with its exoticized Soviet-influenced past. The collective’s work spans through different media, on its way to establish a relationship with the turbulent post-Eastern European identity of the future.