Our new section will focus on upcoming or recently established Hungarian acts.

The format is an interview with some fixed list question items. Throughout the first quarter of 2012 we will use it to introduce some of the fresh acts popped up during the last one or two years.

In the first edition we asked 21- year-old Gergo behind Route 8 to kick off with this new addition to Igor Metropol’s music section.This new act, first time emerged in the spring of 2011, has a surprisingly rich sound and great potential blending various sub-genres of electronic music, most notably the light synthpop of the 80s and the cold and precise beats of modern house and minimal techno.

Whoever had Route 8 on their radar for the last couple of months could see some interesting shifts between styles and a significant increase in the quality of production.

Though most of the songs have been removed by the musician as he gained more control over his own production, the remaining few keep us eagerly waiting for the EP and live performances as 2012 unfolds.


At the beginning of last year the major element in the first published songs pushed the sound of Route 8 close to (and not landing too far from deep-) house, however the second set of songs are more like 80’s synthpop. Is there a concept or preference behind this shift in terms of style and influence?  

I made my attempts at many different styles so far from old-school techno to French electro, and even had a go with witch house until I settled with the current sound, which I feel closest to my heart. Electronic music is the thing for me and I prefer vintage synths and drum machines which were dominating the 80s. Later I got to know a few of the fresh record labels such as 100% Silk and Future Times. Their stuff had a big influence on what I do now. The main focus of these labels is on house producers and this gave me the final push I needed for settling with the synthpop-house genre.

Following the first set of songs released early 2011, the recent ones show well adjusted complexity, more control over production and it appears that you are more and more comfortable with the style you developed. What’s your work method, how important is the technical background and what influence does the international or the Hungarian scene play in what you’re doing?

A laptop and a sequencer (software). In the beginning this was enough, but soon I bought a midi keyboard, an external soundcard and a controller. However, the more time I spent writing music, the more I found myself longing for additional gadgets such as a real synth, a drum machine or a groove box, so these items are the next ones on my list.

Apart from the mentioned record labels, a great number of artists inspired me musically. I was immediately hooked on the minimalistic house beats and synth melodies of Steve Summers, whose way of performing live sets a good example for me also.

The Hungarian scene, in terms of influence, is mainly playing a supportive role as my music pretty much differs from the style of my friends from Nohopekids, Piresian Beach, Halál Judit and Los Vargitos. From them I always get the constructive feedback I need to finish a song when I’m stuck, or tips for performing live.

From the local scene there is also Sleeping Machine, who gave the final push for me to publish my first song on bandcamp.

What is the most attractive aspect of making music alone?

The ability to define the style on my own, the full control over every step of the process, from each sound, drum patterns to the final stage of the mix down.

Years from now, do you see yourself in a band or alone on stage?

It’s difficult to say, as I don’t really mind the formations as long as it’s about making music. But for now, I see myself on my own in the long run.

The 80’s can be heard clearly in Broken Cups as well, but it reminds me of John Maus in terms of irony and the minimalistic approach. How interchangeable are these two projects for you?

Broken Cups is our project with Zoli (Nohopekids). We had this idea about writing a song together while having a drink or two one evening. The next day I wrote some beats, over which Zoli played guitar and also felt like shouting here and there. So that was our first song. Encouraged by positive feedback, we put together a second one titled Love.  And now we’re already working on our first EP, which is supposed to be ready this year.

For me the two projects go hand-in-hand not only because of the mutually heavy 80’s influence: while having the nice, simple and danceable melodies in Route 8, in Broken Cups I can unleash my dark, scary alter ego.

I like the comparison with John Maus as far as irony is concerned, though I’d like to think the music itself has more to do with Joy Division. Get ready for a dark and post punk type of EP coming up this year!

What are you working on lately? Remixes or new songs?

Mainly new songs. I’d love to put together a proper EP finally, which has been impossible so far due to my hectic explorations in different sub-genres of electronic music. I would also like to do more remixes, but so far there has not been an overwhelming demand for my services…

How do you write the drums and how frustrating of a process is it for you?

Writing the drums is really no big deal for me. I can sort it out relatively fast and pain-free. This doesn’t mean though that I take this part lightly as I believe the vintage drum sounds are one of the most important aspect of my music.

How do you plan to go about with live performance?

First, I’d like to have a few gigs as a DJ in order to develop a more established reputation. The final goal is a complete live set with a drum machine and a synth. The main problem so far has been the insufficient technical background. I made an attempt with my current setup, but I was not satisfied with the resulting sound. So I’d rather skip it for now and get back saving some more money.

What are your plans for this year?

Releasing one or more EPs, many live sets with a properly constructed set and getting rid of my nasty habit of consuming smack soup in great quantities.

Any additional creative occupation apart from music?

Not really, but I do love taking pictures with my old camera…

And now for the list:

Best new song

I haven’t heard enough new, and especially good songs lately, but Doesn’t Matter (If You Love Him) from Ital was one of them.

Best song

Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok

Hungarian band

Halál Judit!!!!!!!

Best Hungarian song

KFT – Balatoni Nyár

Best movie


Best movie from last year

The Rum Diary

Favorite Book

Ernest Hemingway – Islands in the Stream

Best video game

Freespace 2

Favorite musical equipment

A small djembe I got for my birthday from my girlfriend

Dream instrument

Korg Wavestation

Dream collaboration

A joint live set with Steve Summers


Check out his most recent video for the great Never Ending Stories, with sounds reminding us of Pantha du Prince