From fall 2020 on, Igor Metropol Studio invites again artists from Hungary and abroad to realize and present a new project in the studio space. In the upcoming months photographers – Máté Dobokay and Hajnal Szolga – will work in the studio, both projects are part of the Fotóhónap / Photo Month Festival in October in Budapest. They are followed by the London based duo, Studio Fuzzy, who will conduct an artistic research and an experience-based art project about the perception and the production of pepper in Hungary and elsewhere. If you are also interested in the studio program have a look on this post.

Meet our first studio resident of this new period, Máté Dobokay.

Studio resident at Igor Metropol: 28 August – 4 October 2020

Date of events planned:
pop-up show: 7 September, 19:00-22:00 (one-day)
pop-up show: 2 October, 18:00-22:00 (one-day)
open studio: 18 + 19 September, 14:00-21:00

Projects planned during the studio residency:
During his work period at Igor Metropol Maté is planning two pop-up exhibitions in the studio space: one during the first week of the residency program and one at the end of my stay. The first exhibition displays material experiments he conducted during this summer, the second focuses on the new works he plans to create during the residency program. This event simultaneously unveils his working methods, traces and documents the process that lead to his exhibition Aggregation at PINCE in the framework of upcoming Photo Month Festival in Budapest.

“Within the framework of the Photo Month Festival, a new series will be displayed by one of the most radical practitioners of Hungarian painterly photography in ’PINCE’. The engagement with raw matter defines fundamentally both the means and the attitude of Dobokay since his works of 2013, dedicated to Simon Hantai. This is a key motive of this exhibition as well, which is organized around the work of Dóra Maurer, entitled Printing Till Exhaustion (1978-1979). Paraphrasing Maurer’s work, which records the process of exhaustion and decomposition of forms on the stencil-plane as well as the transformation of the drawing itself, Dobokay, by documenting the gradual corruption of the fixer liquid, draws together and presents uniformly processed and exposed photo papers up until the point where the chemical can no longer effect the photosensitive material. The ‘recording material” itself – the silver produced during the processing of the photo paper – takes up new form within the space of the gallery’s installations composed of glass-towers, zinc plates and prints. Like the analytical inquiry into the internal mechanics and the basic elements of photography, seriality is also a key factor in Dobokay’s creative methodology.” (Lili Horváth, curator of Aggregation at PINCE)


Máté DOBOKAY (1988) graduated in photography at the University of Kaposvár. In 2014 he was nominated for the Lucien et Rodolf Hervé Prix. In 2015 he was shortlisted for the Leopold Bloom Award and in 2017 for the Esterházy Art Award. He is an active member of not only the Hungarian but also the international art community and besides being featured in several exhibitions across Europe he was also the youngest artist to exhibit at the group show IMPACT: Abstraction & Experiment in Hungarian Photography in New York. He is represented by acb Gallery.

Contact info:
email: (Please register if you would like to participate the events)
Instagram: @matedobokay