From fall 2020 on, Igor Metropol invites once again artists from Hungary and abroad to realize and present a new project in the studio space. In the upcoming months two photographers – Máté Dobokay and Hajnal Szolga – will respectively work in the studio. Both projects are part of the Fotóhónap / Photo Month Festival in October in Budapest. They are followed by the London based duo Studio Fuzzy, who will conduct an artistic research and an experience-based art project about the perception and the production of pepper in Hungary and elsewhere in November. If you are also interested in the studio program have a look on this post.

Between October 5-31, 2020 Berlin-based photographer Hajnal Szolga (Szaffi) will work on a new project.

Date of public events planned during the residency:
Blindage, exhibition opening: 14 October 2020, 19.00
openend by: Zsolt Miklósvölgyi
Blindage, finissage: 28 October 2020, 19:00
performance: Kinga Tóth, noise music: Public Reptile

both events as part of the Fotóhónap festival
venue: Igor Metropol Studio: Budapest 1116, Sztregova utca 1, IV floor.

After the opening ceremony of ‘Blindage‘ the space is going to be supplemented, constantly transformed as new works will be created on the spot. During the residency this creative process is open to the public and can be visited on weekdays from 14:00 to 19:00 or upon individual appointment. The complete transformation is going to be shown at the finissage ceremony, which is complemented by a musical performance.

Project planned during the studio residency:
The exhibition ‘Blindage‘ is selection of Hajnal Szolga’s analog photo series Curfew and Bunker, which are focusing on the relationship of people and their environment, trough visual narration formulating a socially critical message. The post-industrial aesthetics of the human-made environment and the realistic depiction of a declining natural atmosphere evoke an apocalyptic scenario. Static black-and-white images create a mood of standstill and timeless position. They suppose a state following a social or environmental disaster, where a viewer’s own visual interpretation becomes available to set up a linear, historical mapping.

During the one month residency at Igor Metropol Hajnal Szolga will make new experimental “photo paintings” including manual working processes from the darkroom like photograming, bleaching, painting or destroying the pictures. During the last weeks of creative process following the opening ceremony, the space has been supplemented and new works were made. You can see these new and old works as well in the Studio

Hajnal Szolga “Szaffi” is a visual artist and photographer who lives and works in Berlin. She studied philosophy and visual communication in Hungary, had a scholarships at the Humboldt University Berlin, CEU Valencia, MOME Budapest, and conducted curatorial studies at the Robert Bosch Foundation. She learned photography in Berlin, focusing on analogue B&W photos, including the development process in the darkroom. Beyond her artistic activity, she teaches photography and animation in the Albert-Schweitzer Gymnasium.

Szaffis works are characterised by a critical view on social, ecological, and cultural issues. Her narrative photography focuses on the social and psychological effects of mass consumption. While she studies the human behaviour that affects nature and our relation to possession, she usually deals with the relationship between people and their environment, mostly reflecting on the consequences of climate change through her own subjective, futuristic visions.

Her previous exhibition include participations at group shows:
MELT! – Producer’s Gallery, Berlin, 2020
Artspring Festival – Janucz Korszak Bibliothek, Berlin, 2020;
Tracking – Bethanien, Berlin, 2020
Pressure me! – Milan e.V., Dresden, 2019
Delta – public place, Thessaloniki, 2018
Group show in the framework of OFF Biennale Budapest, Reggeli, Pécs, 2017

‘Blindage‘ finissage. Kinga Tóth, Hajnal Szolga and Blake Hargreaves

Instagram: @hajnal_szolga_photography
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